Poco'che Dec 2021 Issue

“High-quality materials and sophisticated design. Sustainable finest room wear”

Article key points:

  • Brand introduction: History of Tanitex, commitment to quality and comfort.
  • Quality: Using the highest quality material, workmanship, sophistication through simplicity, and collections with commitment to uncompromising comfort.
  • Silktouch collection as the signature line: Soft feel, lightness, moisture absorption, breathability, now sold around the world.
  • Sustainability: EU certified production process, Tencel™ Modal x Micro Air,  long lasting with easy care. 
  • Recommending the lounge wear for the comfort during “stay home” time under covid-19 as well as the gift for the loved ones.

Items in the article:

Silktouch*2 Pyjama
Silktouch Pillow Case
Silktouch Printed Pyjamas
Silktouch Cushion Cover
Silktouch Soft Bra
Silktouch Panty
Silktouch*2 Turtle Neck
Silktouch*2 Round Neck
Underdog Lounge Dress
Underdog Small Tote Bag

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