Flow TENCEL™ LUXE Unisex Gown (Made in Japan)

Size :
Color : 1042 dark navy


  • 100% TENCEL™ LUXE


  • Lustrous sheen and fluid drape
  • Soft and lightweight 
  • Removable waist belt
  • Can be used as bathrobe and gown

Flow gown that can be worn lightly. Chic and basic, available in two colours, dark navy and ivory, with a waist belt.

Flow is a loungewear collection made of "Vegan Silk" material. Uses new environment-friendly plant-derived fibers instead of conventional silk. It has silky lightness and breathability, and is finished in a beautiful drape fabric. Tani is the first in the world to release clothing using this fabric. Made from Austrian eucalyptus bark, this fiber reuses more than 99% of the water and chemicals used in the manufacturing process.

Although it is a unisex specification, it is available in smaller sizes. For women, it's the same size, and for men, it's just one size larger than usual.

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