Silktouch Navy Print Lounge Boxer

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Color : P1259 navy prints

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  • 94% TENCEL™ Modal x Micro Air, 6% elastane

  • Ultra soft and smooth as silk
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Stretchable fabric wrapped waistand for comfort fit
  • Button opening for easy access
  • Durable with great colour retention
  • Unfavourable for bacterial growth, odor reduction


  • All natural and biodegradable
  • Ethical and Sustainable Production with less energy and water

Made with fine TENCEL™ Modal x Micro Air fibres that are lighter and finer than silk. The fine fibre creates fabric that is buttery soft, lightweight, and breathable.

We use Lenzing TENCEL™ fibers for its industry leading in sustainable production. Derived from certified sustainable beech wood source, it is biodegradable, and designed for long lasting use. 

The Softest and Lightest

Silktouch uses the best natural fibers. TENCEL™ Modal x Micro Air fibers are Lenzing’s finest and lightest wood-based fibers. With this 0.8 dtex fiber, finer yarn counts can be produced, leading to finer and more lightweight fabrics which offer efficient moisture absorption to ensure natural skin comfort.


TENCEL™ Modal fibers naturally manage the transportation of moisture, enhancing fabrics by keeping your skin feeling pleasantly comfortable. Composed of natural material, the microscopic fibrils of cellulosic fibers are structured to regulate the absorption and release of moisture.

Long Lasting

TENCEL™ Modal fibers produced by Eco Color technology retain longlasting color vibrancy and are less prone to fade even after repeated washing. The softness of TENCEL™ Modal fibers lasts longer and is able to withstand repeated wash and dry cycles compared to cotton.

All Natural and Sustainable

TENCEL™ Modal fibers are mainly manufactured from beech wood, sourced from sustainable forests in Austria and neighboring countries. Beech wood forests are a natural and renewable source of raw material.

Back to nature

All standard TENCEL™ Modal fiber types have been certified as biodegradable and compostable under industrial, home, soil, fresh water and marine conditions, thus they can fully revert back to nature.

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