Sustainability Efforts

We design our products with a strong environmental focus. Over 80% of the materials we use originate from processes aimed at minimizing environmental impact. We've partnered with BSCI-certified and Oeko-Tex Standard suppliers, ensuring our product production aligns with ethical and ecological standards, benefiting not only our customers but the global community and the environment.

Material Use

Our collections consist of approximately 75% TENCEL modal and lyocell, 5% Linen, 10% Cotton and Polyester, and the remaining 10% from Nylon and Elastane. This means that more than 80% of our materials are eco-friendly. We plan to further reduce our use of Polyester, Nylon, and Elastane in the future to lessen our environmental footprint.

TENCEL Lyocell is sourced sustainably from wood, often from eucalyptus trees, which thrive on non-agricultural land.

TENCEL Modal is a product of renewable resources, usually beech wood, cultivated in sustainable forests.

Linen is derived from the flax plant, a renewable resource that grows well in poor-quality soil with limited water and utilizes the entire plant, thereby reducing waste.

Climate change

Around 75% of our fibers come from the Lenzing Group, an Austrian company globally recognized for sustainable fiber production. Lenzing utilizes a closed-loop production process that recycles and reuses water and solvents at a recovery rate of over 99%, drastically reducing water consumption. They also harness bioenergy to power their operations, thereby lowering energy use and carbon emissions. This innovative and environmentally-friendly approach significantly contributes to resource conservation and environmental preservation, aligning with our sustainability values and aiding us in minimizing our ecological footprint.

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We apply stringent criteria in our supplier selection process, prioritizing sustainability and quality. For example, we source textiles from Willy-Hermann in Austria, a company renowned for their exceptional fabric quality and commitment to green energy. They primarily utilize hydroelectricity, a renewable energy source that reduces their carbon footprint.


All our suppliers are Oeko-Tex 100 certified, underscoring our commitment to responsible sourcing and production. Our primary fabric supplier, responsible for over 75% of our items, is currently in the process of obtaining the MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX certification. This will provide us with in-depth insights into the processing stages of our fabrics, from their raw state to the finished product. Additionally, it will confirm the safe use of dyes and finishes, ensuring they are free from harmful chemicals.

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We require all our suppliers to strictly adhere to the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) Code of Conduct. This encompasses respecting workers' rights as per International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions. We insist on the freedom of association, recognition of the right to collective bargaining, eradication of forced, compulsory, or child labor, and elimination of employment discrimination. All suppliers must sign and comply with our Code of Conduct. Regular inspections of our factories confirm safe and healthy working conditions and supplier compliance with our BSCI-based Code of Conduct, ensuring the ethical integrity of our supply chain and the quality of our products.

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Living Wage

Our products are primarily crafted by partners in Guangdong, China, with 20% produced in Japan and Europe. In a fully transparent agreement with our main supplier, we can guarantee that employee remuneration exceeds the recommendations of the Global Living Wage Coalition. This practice ensures that wages meet workers' basic needs and their families', promoting fair labor practices across our supply chain.

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We are committed to minimizing fabric waste and avoiding overproduction. By releasing only two seasons a year in limited quantities, we ensure that we do not exceed demand. Our styles are timeless and designed with a focus on long-lasting quality and comfort, avoiding the fleeting nature of trend-based fashion. This means that none of our pieces will ever go to waste. We take immense pride in incorporating eco-friendly elements into all our products - from corn-based waistbands and wood-based fabrics, to biodegradable packaging. Step by step, we continually strive to reduce our environmental footprint, making a positive contribution to the planet.