Silktouch TENCEL™ Modal Air Summer Skirt

Note: Collection also known as 'Silkcut'
Color : P1412 Apricot Mate Masie
Size :

Silky Soft



    • This flowy skirt features colorful prints designed by Ghanaian artists, featuring traditional symbols such as "mate masie," representing wisdom, knowledge, and cautiousness to consider others' perspectives.
    • Crafted with 94% TENCEL™ Modal x Micro Air, 6% elastane, ultra soft and gentle on skin.
    • Enhanced breathability; long-lasting, durable, and color retention
    • Botanic origin, biodegradable, ethical and sustainable production, unfavourable for bacterial growth and odor reduction, uses less energy and water.

    Cultural Inspired Skirt

    Introducing our summer skirt crafted with TENCEL™ Modal x Micro Air fibers, reminiscent of our signature Silktouch collection. These fine fibers, lighter and finer than silk with a diameter of only 0.8 dtex, create a fabric that is exceptionally soft, light, and breathable. Inspired by traditional Ghanaian symbols, colorful prints adorn this skirt, featuring the 'mate masie' design symbolizing wisdom, knowledge, and attentiveness to others' perspectives. As part of this season's Everyone Loves an Underdog®︎ project in collaboration with Cloudy, a portion of the proceeds from the Underdog Collection will support local education, employment, and health initiatives through a Ghanaian NPO.

    Fabric Details

    The Softest and Silkiest

    Crafted with TENCEL™ Modal x Micro Air fibers, the finest wood-based fibers available. It is 20% finer, 60% softer than regular modal and more than 2 times as soft as conventional cotton. The finer fibers also results in a lightweight garment with all the great comforts of modal.

    Carbon-zero TENCEL™ Modal

    Not all modal are made the same. We work with Lenzing to reduce the carbon footprint of our products by 80%. Starting in 2022, we have been using Carbon-zero TENCEL™ Modal further reducing our footprint compared to generic modal.

    Stay Comfortable

    TENCEL™ Modal fibers naturally manage the transport away moisture, keeping your skin from feeling damp and uncomfortable. Which means you feel cooler when its hot outside and warmer when its cold. 

    More Durable Than Cotton

    Using patented Eco Color technology to prevent color fading. TENCEL™ fibers are twice as strong as conventional cotton and can withstand repeated wash and dry cycles.

    All Natural and Sustainable

    Sourced from sustainable beech wood in Europe and produced in a sustainble process which saves both energy and water.

    Back to nature

    Certified as biodegradable and compostable under industrial, home, soil, fresh water and marine conditions, thus they can fully revert back to nature.

    • Gentle Cycle
    • Do Not Bleach
    • Tumble Dry Low
    • Warm Iron

    Delicate Material: Recommended to turn garment inside out before wash and dry.

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