How to prevent pilling on your loungewear and underwear?

Pilling is a term used to describe the small balls of tiny threads that form on your clothes when they are washed. If you have ever done your own laundry, you’ve probably noticed this happen. Pilling is caused by friction during washing and drying, which pulls the fibres apart and allows them to get tangled into clumps. Some fabrics are more likely to pill than others, especially softer fabrics that can have weak fibres. Here are some tips to keep the buttery softness of your new loungewear or underwear for as long as possible!

Inside And Out

Turning your top or bottom inside out when washing it will reduce pilling on the outside of your garment. This helps protect the outer layer from abrasion against other clothes and trimmings like zippers and buttons.

Use a Washing/Dryer bag

Prevents direct contact between the softer fabrics with the rougher ones. Kimmama 2 Pack Mesh Laundry Bag-2 XXL Oversize Delicates-Extra  Large Laundry Wash Bag with New Honeycomb Mesh-Big Clothes,Bed  Sheet,Bedcover,Household,Stuffed Toys,Ligerie Net Bags for Washing : Home &  Kitchen

Sort Your Laundry

When you have a lot of laundry to do, it can be tempting to just throw everything in the washing machine. But if you’re not sorting your clothes by how delicate or sturdy they are, you could end up with pilling or abrasion damage. So, if possible, separate your delicate items from sturdier fabrics like jeans and denim.



Gentle care is essential for your more delicate fabrics. Follow the care label that comes with your item, or head to the brand’s website to find instructions on how best to wash it. For softer clothes, it is generally recommended to hand wash them or use a gentle cycle in your washing machine. Using gentle detergents without too many strong chemicals can also protect the integrity of your fabric and keep fibres from breaking down and pilling.


Try to Avoid the Dryer

If you live in a country without much sunshine or in a house without space to hang your clothes to dry, then having a dryer is inevitable. But, as far possible, avoid using the dryer for your more delicate items, as they increase the amount of abrasion your clothes are subjected to. If you can, put them on the shortest setting and remove the delicate items from the dryer as soon as possible. Hang drying your clothes is also more eco friendly!

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