The Annoyance Of Underwear That Ride Up

This is a personal vent and sudden appreciation for underwear that fit well. I was recently on vacation to Bangkok, Thailand during its record setting heat wave. 

Packing my bags for short trip so didn't put too much effort into it. Just brought whatever looked good for hot weather. A nice pair of Silktouch Shorts with a Cool Cotton Tee would work fine.

Given that Tani makes great Men's underwear I wasn't too worried about it so just picked whatever. 

Once there, I started doing the tourist thing, involving a lot of walking and, of course, a lot of sweating. I noticed that almost every few steps, I had a wedgie. At first, I didn't even recognize the issue because it rarely happens, but then I realized it was the underwear. When I got back to the hotel, I discovered that I had picked up a pair of my dad's underwear, which were too large for me and rode up my thighs all day long. It basically ruined the day for me because I was so uncomfortable.

Why does my underwear ride up my legs?

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