What is TENCEL modal?

TENCEL modal is a sustainable material that's made from the cellulose in beech trees. You might not have heard of it, but you've probably seen it in your closet! It's used to make soft fabrics like t-shirts, underwear and sportswear. Tencel fibers are spun from wood pulp, which means they're 100% biodegradable. They're also very soft and lightweight—which makes them ideal for underwear and loungewear.

A Sustainable material made from beech trees.

Not all modal are made the same. TENCEL modal is sourced sustainably from beech trees in Europe. You can feel good about wearing something sustainable every day without compromising comfort or style!

100% biodegradable, unlike many other fabrics which are made from petroleum or synthetic fibers. Can be returned to nature at the end of its cycle. 

Soft, scratch-free, breathable, strong.

Known for their softness and drapeability, which makes them perfect for loungewear and underwear. All natural Tencel modal is a soft, breathable material. Lightweight and super-soft textile that feels almost luxurious to the touch!

The moisture-wicking and breathability results in anti-odour and anti-sweat properties, that is why we use it in our underwear.

The strong fibers keep your clothes from pilling and longer lasting.

Compared to Cotton?

You may have heard that cotton is a natural fabric with excellent breathability and comfort. However, this doesn't necessarily mean it's the best choice for your wardrobe. TENCEL modal is more resistant to pilling, fading and shrinking than cotton.

TENCEL modal is also less likely to shrink than cotton because its fibers are longer than those found in traditional cotton yarns; as a result of this increased length (and therefore strength), when you wash your TENCEL modal clothing item it won't shrink as much as if you'd used an ordinary blend--which means your clothes will last longer!


It also happens to be more absorbent than cotton, meaning that it can keep you dryer when you sweat or get rained on. Plus, it won't fade or pill over time like cotton does so your clothing will stay looking clean longer.



We hope you enjoyed learning about TENCEL modal! It's a great material to use in everyday life because it's soft, lightweight and naturally sustainable. If you want to learn more about this amazing fiber or try it out for yourself, check out our some of our comfortable loungewear and underwear made of modal air, an even finer fiber compared to regular TENCEL modal. 

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