Undershirts For Men

Everyone needs to wear an undershirt from time to time. Either as a layer to keep you warm or to prevent sweat stains from destroying your brand new dress shirt, its in everyone's closet. We'll answer some of the most common questions people have about them ranging from types, use case, and different qualities. 

common white undershirt

What is an undershirt?

Starting from the veryyy beginning. An undershirt is a type of shirt that you wear under something else typically a dress shirt. It's usually made of a soft and comfortable material like cotton or modal.The main purpose of an undershirt is to keep you warm, absorb sweat to prevent stains, and protect your skin from rubbing. 

Types of Undershirts For Men

1. Crew neck undershirts

These have a round neckline and are typically worn under dress shirts with a full button-down collar. Usually shows at the collar so contrasting colors with the top is usually chosen for style.

tani green crew neck undershirt

2. V-neck undershirts

These have a V-shaped neckline and are designed to be worn under dress shirts with an  open collar but unlike the crew neck, the neck line is usually hidden.

tani cupro v neck undershirt

3. Sleeveless undershirts

Also known as tank tops or A-shirts, these have no sleeves and are ideal for wearing under sleeveless or short-sleeved shirts. 

4. Long-sleeved undershirts

These have long sleeves as expected and does the same thing that the above do but for cooler weather. You can also wear them when its warm as protection against the sun.

5. Thermal undershirts

Made from a heavier materials with a composition designed to trap heat for cold weather. They're often worn as a base layer for outdoor activities like hiking and skiing.

6. Compression undershirts

These are designed to fit snugly against the skin and provide support for muscles during physical activity. They can also help improve posture or simply just keep everything in place if you want some shaping.

How should an undershirt fit?

In general it should fit snugly without being too tight or too loose. If its too tight obviously you won't feel comfortable but if its too loose it will bunch up, and show through what you are wearing on top. If you are wearing an undershirt for warmth, a snug fit will trap heat better.

Can I wear a colored undershirt under a dress shirt?

You can wear a colored undershirt contrasting your top with a crew neck, but it's important to choose a color that won't show through the dress shirt itself. If you are wearing white its best to pick something neutral and light colored undershirts like light gray or beige.

Can I wear an undershirt as an outer layer?

Definitely, unless the undershirt was designed for compression, if you up-size you can wear an undershirt as a regulat T-Shirt.

Can I not wear an undershirt?

Do what you want but you might ruin your brand new dress shirt or top with sweat stains. 

What makes the best for undershirt then?

Anything that’s lightweight, soft and breathable works. Ideally you want the material to absorb your sweat quickly so it doesn’t show on your outer shirt. You also want it to feel soft because you wear it all day long.

If the undershirt is seamless or bonded, the smooth seams will stay comfortable longer as after a long day of the outershirt pressed up against it.

We use TENCEL modal micro air fabric for our Silktouch series of undershirts. They are 40% softer and lighter than regular modal and twice that of cotton. Discover our undershirt offerings.

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