Finer Than Silk

Twice as soft as cotton.

Crafted with the finest TENCEL™ Modal Air fibers available. 40% softer than regular modal and twice that of conventional cotton. Smooth as silk comfort with a gentle stretch that fits your body like a second skin.

Soft fabric

All Day Comfort

4x more breathable.

We selected TENCEL™ Modal Air for our underwear because of its superior breathability and moisture wicking properties to keep you dry. It is 4x more breathable compared to conventional cotton and helps reduce the buildup of odor-causing bacteria, ensuring you remain cool and confident throughout the day.

Running Man

Lower Impact

Sustainably Sourced and Compostable

Our fabric is derived from sustainably harvested beechwood and processed in a closed-loop system, conserving both energy and water. While not perfect, it's a stride towards a more environmentally conscious product.