Where comfort meets sustainability

Sustainability Efforts

Sustainability is in every one of our items. Over 80% of the materials we use are eco friendly in both the raw source and the production. We proudly partner with BSCI accredited, Oeko Tex Standard suppliers to ensure all products, the process, support both people and planet.

Fair Trade

Guaranteeing fair trade begins with us. We put a premium on knowing that every person that has helped produce our items is being treated fairly. We work with BSCI to monitor social compliance, protect workers and their wages.

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Renewable, Saving Water and Power

Fibers are the basic building blocks of all fabrics. 80% of the fibers we use is from Lenzing Group in Austria. Known for their industry leading sustainable production processes which sources from  renewable sustainable raw materials and processes that save water and energy. 
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The Fibers We Use

LENZING™ Lyocell fibers are known for their natural comfort and environmentally responsible production process.

LENZING™ Modal - Natural softness and comfort, efficient moisture management, enhanced breathability, good color fastness

LENZING™ Viscose is the first generation of wood-based cellulosic fibers and has a history of 80 years setting the industrial standards for quality and environmentally sustainable production.

No Harmful Chemicals

 With Oeko-Tex certification , we know how the fabric is processed, including things like dyes and finishes. Each component is tested to guarantee that there are no harmful substances.

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All In The Details

Its in the details for us when it comes to having as low as an impact on the environment as possible. We are proud to have eco friendly components in all our products. From the corn based waistbands, wood based fabrics to bio degradable packaging. Timeless designs and premium quality so our items last longer.

One step at a time towards lower impact and doing our part.