Swiss Cotton bonded Vest

Size :
Color : white 01

Comfort and Luxury

  • Swiss Cotton is synonymous with High Quality
  • Cool and Crisp with a Luxurious finish
  • Lightweight and a Comfortable Touch
  • Easy Care, Durable and Retains shape
  • Everyday Luxury

The name Swiss Cotton is synonymous with quality. Manufactured using the very best cotton grown in the USA or Egypt, Swiss Cotton??uses extra long fibres from ELS or extra long staples cotton to produce fabrics of the highest standard. The ultimate in everyday luxury.

Only 3% of annual world cotton output meets the strongest requirements of Swiss Cotton. The result fabric is light weight without compromising touch and feel, and retains shape and softness even after repeat washing.

Tani's Swiss Cotton collection is made with 100s Swiss Cotton, manufactured in a family owned mill near Zurich on fine gauge circular knitting machines powered mostly by green energy.

92% Swiss cotton 8% elastane

Superior Quality and Finish

Of all the cotton produced in the world, only cotton qualities with extra long fibres satisfy the requirements of swiss+cotton. The raw material for swiss+cotton is extra long staple (ELS) cotton, which thrives in the ideal climatic conditions of the USA and Egypt. The incredibly long fibres are of the very finest quality and have excellent processing characteristics. When compared with average cotton quality, they are 40 percent more hard-wearing.

The extra long staple cotton is first processed into yarns and then woven fabrics, crocheted goods, knitted fabrics or embroidery. Swiss expertise in production and the fineness of the woven fabrics are the key requirements for the superior appearance and the soft, supple feel of swiss+cotton products.

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