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For over 20 years ago, we set out to design pieces that will look good, feel good and be sustainable at the same time. From the fibres that make up our soft fabrics, to the elastics and threads, we always have the environment and your comfort in mind. 

We are available around the world through our partners Tani Japan, Tani USA , Tani Australia.

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Designed for Comfort

There are no hidden pouches, panels, or gimmicks. Our designs are timeless classics with a nod to modernity. We want the first thing you put on in the morning to be comfortable, uncomplicated, and complementary.

We source materials from around the world that are both rare and innovative. We work closely with fibre and yarn developers, and employ unique knitting technologies to produce the finest and smoothest fabrics for your comfort. 

From Beech Trees in Austria to your Tani

With the array of rayon fibers in the market, how does one differ from another? Even if the source is natural and grows ( e.g. Bamboo ) Does the fiber manufacturing emit chemicals that may damage the environment? We source our Modal fibers from Austria, where they are made in an EU Eco-Label production process from certified sustainable wood source. The all natural fibers can be returned to nature at the end of its cycle.

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The Lightest and Softest

We choose the finest fibers produced by responsible Austrian makers, with a diameter that is finer than silk. Special yawn spinning and fabric production process ensure that the resulting garment is buttery soft, smooth as silk, lightweight and long lasting.

Not Derived from Fossil Fuel

Our Bio-Based waistband is made from castor beans. A plant that grows quickly. The result is elastic waistbands that are stretchable, breathable, anti-bacterial and eco-friendly.  


It is important to us that our products are sustainable. Our raw materials come from renewable sources, our fabrics are acquired from mills that practice extensive recycling, and our products are made to last. We believe in treating our workers and material suppliers fairly and with respect. We select business partners who share our values. 

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