Green 草本松身吊带衫(日本制)

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  • 95%TENCEL™Lyocell x Micro,5%Roica EF(再生弹性纤维)


  • 日本制造
  • 超柔软和高质量的纹理
  • 高透气度
  • 持久,不褪色无毒素
  • 不利于细菌生长,减少异味


  • 植物性面料
  • 日本的植物染料
  • 可于大自然中自行生物分解保护环境
  • 使用再生弹性纤维
  • 有道德与可持续生产
  • 消耗更少的能源和水

此系列采用传统的日本植物染料技术,由来自奥地利的环保TENCEL™Lyocell x Micro 制成。颜色来自日本的花朵。该布料在和歌山县用再生的氨纶针织,而编织过程则在富山市,然后于佐世保市缝制。

All Natural

GREEN collection is borne out of the hope to create a soft, easy care material that incorporates sustainable fibre, with natural dye technology. 

The key material of the GREEN collection is Tencel® lyocell. The fibre is generated from the bark of eucalyptus tree in a closed loop production process by the reputed Austrian company Lenzing, known for the conservation efforts.

A small percentage of ROICA recycled elastane is then added during the knitting of the fabric in Wakayama prefecture in Japan, giving a soft stretch to the fabric.

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