Luxeline V领短袖Tee

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Color : P1268 Silver Grey
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  • 78%Superfine®Polyester, 13%聚氨酯,9%尼龙


  • 最细的纱线制成
  • 弹性强, 没有紧贴感
  • 轻巧,舒适,轻便
  • 优雅面料带来奢华感
  • 持久,可拉伸,恢复力强

由奥地利威利·赫尔曼(Willy-Hermann)的Superfine®面料制成,该面料由上等的纱线制成。比传统面料更轻,但更致密耐用。质地极佳, 塑造完美线条并表现出完全的舒适感。

Quality and innovation, Made in Austria

Tani Luxeline is made from SUPERFINE® fabrics which are particularly soft and smooth. They provide extraordinary comfort for the wearer and their homogeneous and compact fabric surface makes them irresistible. Simply comfortable and beautiful.

Manufactured with circular and warp knitting production technologies. SUPERFINE® is the “First & Finest” and thus the original for fine-gauge knit fabrics.

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