Silktouch 阔脚裤

Color : P1420 blue animal
Size :
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Silky Soft




  • 94%TENCEL™Modal x Micro Air,6%氨纶


  • 款色经典
  • 细密柔软
  • 如丝般的光滑与垂顺感
  • 质地轻盈
  • 比纯棉透气吸汗更具亲肤感
  • 纯天然触感植物染料不退色无毒素


  • 奥地利专利超细榉木天丝纤维
  • 可于大自然中自行生物分解保护环境
  • 可持续生产
  • 生产过程消耗更少的能源和水


Silktouch采用最幼细和最轻量的纤维制成 - TENCEL™ Modal x Micro Air。纤维直径仅有0.8分(dtex),比丝更幼细,因极度轻巧和细致,制作出超柔软的布料,使您的皮肤感到极度温和,完全没有负担

TENCEL™ Modal x Micro Air采用高效再生循环工艺,将生产过程中剩余的能源与树木进行回收利用,以健康环保的方式生产纤维,将能源使用减到最低限度,为环境保护付出杰出贡献,使用纯天然触感植物染料不退色无毒素,可于大自然中自行生物分解保护环境。

Fabric Details

The Softest and Silkiest

Crafted with TENCEL™ Modal x Micro Air fibers, the finest wood-based fibers available. It is 20% finer, 60% softer than regular modal and more than 2 times as soft as conventional cotton. The finer fibers also results in a lightweight garment with all the great comforts of modal.

Carbon-zero TENCEL™ Modal

Not all modal are made the same. We work with Lenzing to reduce the carbon footprint of our products by 80%. Starting in 2022, we have been using Carbon-zero TENCEL™ Modal further reducing our footprint compared to generic modal.

Stay Comfortable

TENCEL™ Modal fibers naturally manage the transport away moisture, keeping your skin from feeling damp and uncomfortable. Which means you feel cooler when its hot outside and warmer when its cold. 

More Durable Than Cotton

Using patented Eco Color technology to prevent color fading. TENCEL™ fibers are twice as strong as conventional cotton and can withstand repeated wash and dry cycles.

All Natural and Sustainable

Sourced from sustainable beech wood in Europe and produced in a sustainble process which saves both energy and water.

Back to nature

Certified as biodegradable and compostable under industrial, home, soil, fresh water and marine conditions, thus they can fully revert back to nature.

  • Gentle Cycle
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Tumble Dry Low
  • Warm Iron

Delicate Material: Recommended to turn garment inside out before wash and dry.

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