Underdog® x Silktouch 圆领长袖Tee

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Color : 1039 aegean blue

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Everyone Loves an Underdog® 慈善系列

此系列的产品收益扣除成本均会捐赠给东京流浪狗机构< dogshelter.jp >。


  • 94%TENCEL™Modal x Micro Air,6%氨纶


  • 细密柔软
  • 如丝般的光滑与垂顺感
  • 质地轻盈
  • 比纯棉透气吸汗更具亲肤感
  • 纯天然触感植物染料不退色无毒素


  • 奥地利专利超细榉木天丝纤维
  • 可于大自然中自行生物分解保护环境
  • 可持续生产
  • 生产过程消耗更少的能源和水


此系列都采用Silktouch布料制作而成,当中的独特印花设计是由日本年轻艺术家Yui Yamaoka手绘而成,当中包括以内裤,休闲服和童装。

What is "Underdog" ?

a play on words...Combining the specialty of Tani - UNDERwear, with our love of animals, especially DOGs. In English, the word "underdog" is often referred to the weaker party, the less fortunate in the society.

everyone loves an underdog...is the charitable arm of Tani Japan. Proceeds from the sale of this collection will go to fund projects that raise awareness and offer financial help to the underprivileged.

Project Partner
Dog Shelter, Tokyo, Japan

Sales proceeds (after deducting production cost) from the Underdog project in Japan will go to fund Tokyo-based Dog Shelter <dogshelter.jp>

Dog Shelter was founded by Mrs Mina Kataoka in 2006. The small organization is run by volunteers only. Every dog they take in undergoes thorough medical check and home fostering before being matched to their new permanent home. Every prospective dog owner and their home are also vetted by the team. 

Dog Shelter has re-homed over 900 dogs in the Kanto and Kansai area. Only 2 dogs have ever been returned to Dog Shelter following their formal adoption, testament to Mrs Kataoka and her team's serious and thorough work.

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