How To Fold Boxers: Tips and Tricks for a Neat and Tidy Drawer

Boxers are probably the most popular men’s underwear style. For more comfortable boxers they usually use breathable and soft fabrics which can be difficult to fold and store neatly. We’ll show you some tips and tricks for folding boxers to keep your drawer organized and tidy. We'll cover everything from the basics of folding boxers to more advanced techniques used by experts like Marie Kondo. We didn’t invent any of them but hopefully we can help! 

silktouch mens boxers with paddling print

Advantages Of Folding Boxers

Why bother folding them at all? Why not scrunch them into a ball and just throw them in your draws? 

1. Saves space

Folding boxers neatly can help you save space. Neatly folded boxers take up less room than crumpled or unfolded boxers, allowing you to fit more items in a smaller space.

2. Feeling Organized

Feel good about yourself whenever you look into your organized draw, free of clutter, even when the rest of your life isn’t. It also makes it easier to find the pair you're looking for and saves you time when getting ready.

3. Prevents wrinkles 

Neatly folded boxers are less likely to get wrinkled than crumpled or unfolded boxers. This is especially important if you wear dress pants or other clothing that requires a smooth appearance.

4. Protects fabric 

Folding boxers neatly can help protect the fabric from wear and tear. When boxers are crumpled or thrown in a drawer, it can cause the fabric to stretch or become misshapen over time. Folding them neatly can help maintain the shape and elasticity of the fabric.

5. Easy to pack 

Neatly folded boxers are easier to pack for travel or storage. When your boxers are folded neatly, they take up less space in your suitcase or storage container, leaving more room for other items.

Disadvantage Of Folding Boxers

There are none except for your time.

How To Fold Boxers Perfectly

Here are few neat ways for you to store your undies. Especially applicable when the material is stretchy and soft. 


Our personal favorite and the neatest of the three. Like how its tucked in so the boxer briefs stays in place in your draw.

teal boxer brieffolding boxer folding boxer folding boxer tucking boxertucking boxerfinished folding boxergif of folding boxer method


This method has the smallest footprint but think its only possible if the boxer briefs are made from thin and soft fabrics as its folded many times.

black boxers with doggy elasticfolding boxersfolding boxersfolding boxersfolding boxersfolding boxersdone foldingfolding gif black boxers


This one is a bit more difficult and only for the brave.

orangy pair of boxersfolding boxersturning boxers aroundfolding boxersfolding boxersfolding boxerstucking and finished folding boxersfolding gif orangy boxers

How Does Marie Kondo Fold Boxer Briefs?

Marie Kondo, the Japanese organizing consultant and author, has a unique folding method that she uses for all types of clothing, including boxer briefs. Her method involves folding the clothing into a small and uniform shape that stands upright in a drawer. To fold boxer briefs using Marie Kondo's method, start by laying them flat on a surface with the waistband facing up. Then, fold the boxers in half vertically and then in half horizontally. Finally, fold the boxers in thirds so that they stand upright in the drawer.


How do you fold your boxers? Got a better way? Leave a way below and we'll share it with everyone!

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