Who is Tani?

Tani is a brand committed to making a difference, one stitch at a time. Our mission is to step away from fast fashion and embrace long-lasting, low-impact clothing.

 With your comfort and the environment as our top priorities, we carefully select the softest, sustainable materials without any compromise. From the fabric to the packaging, we minimize waste and reduce our carbon footprint at every opportunity.

Tani is being distributed via partners at Tani USA, Tani Japan and Tani Australia.

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Designed for Comfort

Crafted from the coziest, most comfortable materials, our designs are stylish, functional, and adaptable.

Our garments prioritize the wearer's experience, featuring relaxed cuts for optimal mobility and soft, elastic waistbands for all-day comfort without restriction.

We collaborate with fiber and yarn developers globally, sourcing rare and cutting-edge materials. Utilizing innovative knitting techniques, we achieve the smoothest and most luxurious touch. 

Sustainable Materials

We are dedicated to using eco-friendly materials like Cupro, Tencel Lyocell, and Tencel Modal in our products. These sustainable fabrics not only ensure exceptional comfort but also contribute to a greener planet by minimizing environmental impact and promoting responsible manufacturing practices.

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Giving Back

At Tani, we believe in the power of giving back, which is why we are proud to have our Underdog Collection. This special line of products  represents our commitment to supporting charitable causes and doing our part to make a positive impact on the world.

Each season, we dedicate the proceeds from our Underdog Collection sales to a charity of our choice, enabling us to contribute to a variety of meaningful causes. 

Ethical and Responsible Sourcing

Ethical and responsible sourcing is fundamental to our brand. We focus on sustainability by using renewable raw materials, obtaining fabrics from eco-friendly mills that practice recycling, and creating long-lasting products. We treat our workers and suppliers fairly and collaborate with business partners who share our commitment to ethical practices.

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Email us at: customercare@tanicomfort.com

Company information

Tani Japan Co., Ltd. Address: Unit 209, 6-2-2 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062

Tanitex Industries Ltd. Address: 2501 Clifford Center, Kowloon, Hong Kong