Wear Good, Do Good

At Tani, we believe in crafting more than just clothing; we're weaving a legacy of positive impact and enduring values. Our journey is not just about being kind to the planet; it's about redefining what it means to be truly sustainable. We meticulously select durable, high-quality, low impact materials and embrace timeless designs, ensuring each piece is not only long-lasting but also exudes comfort that stands the test of time. In every thread, in every seam, we're committed to creating garments that you'll reach for time and again, garments that last, and in doing so, reduce the need for frequent replacements. This is our way of contributing to a more sustainable world.

Redefining Essentials 

Creating sustainable essentials through ethical production with low-impact, high quality materials, made to last.

We understand the challenge of finding sustainable options for essential items. Balancing comfort and durability with material sustainability, transparency, and affordability is a decision no one should have to make. We respond to this challenge by responsibly producing these everyday basics, using low-impact materials and adhering to ethical production practices. Our commitment extends beyond the product; we actively support sustainable projects and collaborate with partners who share our vision. In doing so, we aim to make choosing sustainable essentials a comfortable and easy decision.

The Fabric of Our Values

Choosing premium quality materials both comfortable and eco friendly, ensuring each garment feels good and does good for the environment.

Our collection embodies our philosophy, with 75% of each piece crafted from TENCEL, a material celebrated for its sustainable origins and gentle touch on the environment. Complementing this, 10% of our garments are made from Swiss Cotton, chosen for its superior quality and durability, ensuring long-lasting comfort. In every fabric selection, we're mindful of our ecological footprint, ensuring that our clothing not only feels good but also does good.

A Climate of Change

Doing our part to not make things worse.

With 75% of our fibers sourced from the Lenzing Group, we are deliberate in choosing partners who align with our environmental ideals. The Lenzing Group is championed for their closed-loop production process, which significantly reduces water usage and carbon emissions, echoing our vision of a greener world. Similarly, our other partners are carefully selected for their efforts in utilizing green energy and minimizing waste, ensuring that every aspect of our supply chain contributes to our sustainability goals.

Living Wage

Our products are primarily crafted by our partners in Guangdong, China, while 20% are produced in Japan and Europe. Through a fully transparent agreement with our main supplier, we ensure that employee remuneration not only meets but exceeds the recommendations of the Global Living Wage Coalition. This practice is a testament to our commitment to fair labor practices, ensuring that the wages provided meet the basic needs of our workers and their families. By doing so, we uphold and promote ethical standards across our entire supply chain.

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We are committed to minimizing fabric waste and avoiding overproduction. By releasing only two seasons a year in limited quantities, we ensure that we do not exceed demand. Our styles are timeless and designed with a focus on long-lasting quality and comfort, avoiding the fleeting nature of trend-based fashion. This means that none of our pieces will ever go to waste. We take immense pride in incorporating eco-friendly elements into all our products - from corn-based waistbands and wood-based fabrics, to biodegradable packaging. Step by step, we continually strive to reduce our environmental footprint, making a positive contribution to the planet.