Simple Choices
Big Impact

Creating sustainable essentials through ethical production with low-impact, high quality materials, made to last.

We understand the challenge of finding sustainable options for essential items. Balancing comfort and durability with material sustainability, transparency, and affordability is a decision no one should have to make. We respond to this challenge by responsibly producing these everyday basics, using low-impact materials and adhering to ethical production practices. Our commitment extends beyond the product; we actively support sustainable projects and collaborate with partners who share our vision. In doing so, we aim to make choosing sustainable essentials a comfortable and easy decision.

Fabric of Our Values

Choosing the right fabric is a cornerstone of sustainable fashion.

We weave comfort with sustainability, choosing TENCEL™ fibers for over 80% of our garments. This mindful choice supports a smaller ecological footprint and promises uncompromised comfort in every wear.


All Natural, Lower Impact

Crafted with Lenzing's innovative closed loop production method, our TENCEL™ fibers represent a 99% solvent recovery rate and a significant reduction in water and energy use, setting new standards in eco-friendly fashion.

Beyond Fair Wages

Crafted with integrity, our garments from PRC, Japan, and Europe reflect our commitment to fair labor. Through transparent agreements, we ensure wages surpass Global Living Wage Coalition standards, supporting the well-being of our workers and their families.

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Timeless Quality, Conscious Creation

Embracing sustainability, we produce just two seasonal collections yearly in limited quantities. Our enduring designs, crafted for comfort and quality. With every step, we aim to lessen waste in our environment.